“There is something incredibly nostalgic and significant about the annual cascade of autumn leaves”

As I briefly explained in my last post, I like autumn a lot. While I do enjoy the warmth and freedom and long days of summer, and often regret its end, come September I am grateful for the comfort of autumn.

The ever-increasing crispness in the air makes me excited to wear thick jumpers and makes the warmth of home all the more noticeable. I like going out and feeling the chill of the wind on my bare cheeks, the warmth of my body when it’s bundled up in coats and scarves that I don’t quite need yet, the way my breath steams, just ever so slightly, in front of me in the morning, signalling the approach of winter. I like the autumn light and the way it shines through the leaves on the trees, the way it dapples onto the pavement as I walk, giving everything a faint golden glow, the way it shines into the house and lights up the rooms and shimmers on the walls opposite windows. The crunch of leaves underfoot is both comforting and satisfying and I’m thankful we haven’t had too much rain to ruin that small joy. I like the way the leaves pool up into the gaps outside – down the side of the pavement, and underneath the trees – to create a cascade of colour to brighten up even the drabbest of areas.  I like burning candles and reading bundled up in a blanket, and this joy is increased tenfold when it rains. I like sitting inside and hearing it hit the window, watching it run down the glass in streaming rivers. I like the smell of it when it has stopped, and the way the whole world feels new and fresh for that brief moment. I like the way everything seems that little bit more magical, the way everything seems special and important, and how, on a good day, I feel capable of anything.

Walking through the forest on an autumn day is truly one of the biggest gratifications I have found, and in those moments when I have walked far enough in that the rumble of cars is a distant echo, when I am engulfed by trees on all sides, I truly feel at peace. In those moments when the world seems at its absolute quietest, I would be content to stay, surrounded by that bright mass of orange, forever.


An insight into my mind.

While I was initially excited with the thought of having my own blog, and the potential of what I could write, over the last few days I have been hesitant to start my first ‘proper’ post (something other than the initial ‘I have started a blog and here’s why). While I have a multitude of ideas and inspirations, none seem quite right for that first post, and so I have come to a compromise with myself. Before diving straight in with a specific topic, I’m going to outline some of the items, ideas and subjects that I will likely discuss in the future. (I am also aware that I definitely could have done this in my introduction but I guess I wanted to keep that short and sweet so here we are).


Topics of discussion

  1. I think our planet is truly beautiful, and sometimes I find the wonder of everything that surrounds me on this world (and the infinite potential of everything that lies beyond it) overwhelming.
  2. I am forgiving. I too easily forget the hurt of the past once there is kindness.
  3. I am a worrier. I fear for the future and everything that it may or may not hold. I fear the unknown and worry too much about things that are completely and entirely out of my control. I over think the past and see meaning where there is none. I doubt myself constantly and continually blame myself for the smallest things – even if I know they are not my fault.
  4. I think I am too harsh on myself and self-confidence is something I am lacking in. But I also love myself, and take pride in the person I have become and I believe this balance important.
  5. I can appreciate the small things in life, and many things others may overlook bring me joy.
  6. I am passionate about a lot of things, and sometimes I think this can come across as obsessive or intense. I care deeply about the fictional, and while you get many casual fans (regarding films and TV shows), I am certainly not one of them. And I am glad for that. Even if it does mean I am an emotional mess for much of the time.
  7. I can lose myself in a book, and I find the words of a story that is not my own both exciting and comforting.
  8. I am nostalgic. I miss what has been and constantly look back at the joyous days of the past, wishing to repeat them.


While there will certainly be more once I get going, I think this short list does encompass much of who I am, and the aspects of myself I would like to explore. I also promise that this blog won’t entirely focus on my thoughts, as I think that would be a bit much for everyone (myself included). I’m looking forward to doing write-ups for the trips I go on, documenting photography sessions, and there will most certainly be at least one post dedicated to autumn, because how could I not talk about the most beautiful season?

The beginning of something new.

Blogging has never been something I’ve really thought about, and certainly not something I’ve ever considered doing myself. But here I am. After recently starting my largest school essay to date I realised two things. 1) I actually enjoy writing quite a bit. (At least under the right circumstances). And 2) I’m okay at it. I’m not going so far as to say I’m good, but once I’ve got an idea, the words tumble, almost easily, from my mind onto the page. And so, after little consideration, I’m starting a blog.

I named it ‘A Library of Rambles’ in a slight panic upon being asked to choose a title. However I have since realised that this is exactly what I envisage this blog being. A place for me to put down the thoughts in my head that I want to share. The good and the bad.

I have also decided that I’m not going to restrict myself by giving the posts any sort of theme. While doing my brief research I was advised to do the exact opposite of that. Follow a niche topic that people will be interested in. But I’m not writing this for anyone else but myself. So if I want to write about how I’m feeling I will. If I want to write about a trip I went on I will. If I want to rant about some amazing new TV show… you guessed it. I will.

The point is my head gets crowded sometimes, and this is simply the place I am choosing to empty it.